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COMMA, founded by musicians Micah and Danielle Naler, provides a place for students (grades 1 through 12) to explore the world of fine arts. Born out of vision to celebrate how the arts interconnect, COMMA observes art today and in history in a collaborative light. 


COMMA is a place to uncover artistry. 


Artistry is uncovered through encountering history's great composers, painters, writers, and artists.


Artistry is uncovered through opportunities to hear, see, and experience the arts in the San Francisco Bay Area, rich with world-class theater, dance, music, art galleries, and more.


Artistry is uncovered through our unique course offerings, taught by the best Bay Area teachers.


As Pablo Picasso famously said, 


"Every child is an artist.

The problem is how to remain an artist

once we grow up."


Bringing together passionate, highly experienced faculty, through workshops and art encounters, the artist inside each student is awakened, trained, and inspired. 

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